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Discover MX1910:

A Tribute to Mexican Tradition

     MX1910 Mezcal, a true embodiment of Mexican heritage and culture, represents the essence of a time-honored tradition that has captivated hearts across the globe for over a decade. Stemming from the meticulous distillation of the agave plant's heart,  this revered elixir carries a name steeped in nobility, brilliance, and admiration—the very essence of 'Agave' in Greek. Just as diverse grape varieties impart unique flavors to wine, different agave types lend a distinct character to this cherished spirit, with agave Angustifolia, or Espadín, standing as a notable player in the symphony of flavors.

     Mezcal is tequila’s cooler, trendier cousin: Despite both liquors originating from the agave plant, they possess distinct characteristics. Legal requirements dictate that mezcal must be 100 percent agave, leaving no room for artificial additives. As a result, mezcal can be considered a purer and more pristine spirit compared to tequila

Agave comes from the Greek agavé which means "noble", "illustrious", "admirable", "brilliant"; we agree, no other name could better fit the plant responsible for this mythical and enchanting elixir.

Just like grapes in wine, there are also many types of agaves. Each one gives the mezcal a unique flavor and aroma.

Crafted Artisanally: Unveiling Mezcal's Timeless Artistry

       Rooted in the hallowed "palenques," traditional distilleries of revered indigenous tribes like the Zapotecs of Oaxaca and the Nahuas of Guerrero, mezcal was once a carefully crafted indulgence reserved for noblemen, priests, and warriors. A "palenque" serves as a sacred space where skilled mezcaleros begin the journey of mezcal crafting. These artisans carefully harvest the prized agave hearts and initiate the age-old process of mezcal production within these traditional facilities. Today, this journey starts with mezcaleros skillfully harvesting the agave hearts. These hearts undergo a meticulous fire-cooking process in earthen pits lined with volcanic rock, infusing the elixir with its distinct smoky essence. The crushed agave pulp then ferments and undergoes a double distillation, either in pottery or copper stills. Through this ancient, time-honored process emerges MX1910 Mezcal—a pure, authentic, and unparalleled representation of Mexico's vibrant cultural heritage.

Mezcal is meant to be kissed—you're supposed to sip it very slowly, allowing a connection with it.


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